Jumpstart Your Journey: 5 MidJourney Prompts You Need to Try

Midjourney V5: New Features and Improvements

Midjourney V5 was released on March 16, 2023, just five months after the release of V4. The new version boasts several exciting improvements, including:

  • Increased Resolution: The resolution has been considerably increased, providing users with even sharper and more detailed results.
  • Improved Prompting: Natural language prompting has been improved, allowing the model to pick up on more nuanced language.
  • Importance of Art Style Knowledge: Knowledge of art styles is more critical than ever before, as users can push their results further with the use of aesthetics and styles.
  • Expanded Use-Case Knowledge: The new model “knows” about many more use cases and their important characteristics, making it easier to achieve the desired results.
  • Faster Upscaling: The upscaling capabilities are now much faster, allowing for quick and efficient upscaling of any image.

With these new features, Midjourney V5 provides even more opportunities for users to create stunning and unique art pieces. Don’t be fooled by those who think the model is “generic” – with proper knowledge and use of art styles, the possibilities are endless

Here are some V4 & V5 prompts to get your started.

3d strawberry art, in the style of loose and fluid forms, lively nature scenes, fondue melting pots, dark chocolate and milk chocolate fondue, wimmelbilder, thick chocolate, intricate illustrations, photorealistic –q 2 –v 5


A jaw-dropping image of a time traveler standing amidst a chaotic whirlwind of historical events, blending the past::3, present::3, and future::3 into a single, mind-bending scene. Shot with a Canon EOS R5, 16-35mm f/2.8 lens, f/3.2, 1/250s, ISO 400 –ar 3:2 –v 5


oil on linen painting of a horror business punk girl in sunglasses and crazy white hair holding a book, standing in front of a dot matrix swirl digital binary barcode –ar 3:2 –q 2 –s 750 –c 5 –v 4


collage art, the joker, a criminal mastermind in a ghoulish makeup –ar 16:9 –s 1000 –q 2 –c 3 –v 4


a glass statue of Catwoman exploding through a crystal building, scattered shards and debris, ultra detailed, hyper-realistic, cinematic, dramatic lighting, volumetric lighting, cosmic energy, neon ambience –ar 2:3 –v 4


Bonus prompts
A Holographic acrylic neon lava lamp with a skull inside, backlit dot matrix background, extreme detailed overlayed vector neon highlights –stylize 700 –ar 2:3 –q 2 –c 5 –v 4


isometric view 3d render of a medieval castle, surrounded by water, stairs and bridges connecting all the spots, shanty town, post apocalyptic, 3d render, unreal engine 5 quality render, extremely detailed, ultra photorealistic, 8K, depressing, gloomy, vibrant colors, –ar 5:4 –q 2 –s 750 –v 5

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